David C. Sinclair, C.Eng., FIEE, M.Sc.
Eng., President

Mr. Sinclair has over 40 years of global marketing,
business management and development and is an
experienced business builder. From 1979 through
2002, he served in positions of increasing
responsibility within the Reliance Electric Company,
culminating as Vice President of Strategic Business
Development for the Power and Outside Plant Division
of Marconi Inc based in Lorain, Ohio. Mr. Sinclair
began his career as a trainee with the Central
Electricity Generating Board in the UK and then joined
General electric in 1970. He holds a Masters degree in
Electrical Power Systems Engineering from the
University of Manchester and a Bachelor's in Electrical
Engineering from the University of London.

Rocco A. DiLillo, Chairman

Mr. DiLillo was winner of the Ernst & Young, NASDQ
and USA Entrepreneur of the year in 1997. As a serial
entrepreneur, Rocco has operated 10 companies in
his career, five he founded and five he acquired. He
founded his first company, City Visitor Inc. in 1980 with
the mission of serving travelers and businesses that
serve them.
Rocco is the former founder and CEO of Corporate
Lodgings and founder of Bridgestreet
Accommodations, which provides fully furnished
housing for travelers in over 130 markets around the
world. Rocco successfully completed an initial public
offering of Bridgestreet in 1997 on the NASDAQ market
under the symbol “BEDS”. In addition, he is the former
CEO of Cooperative Resource Services, the third
largest relocation company in America which was sold
to Allied Worldwide. Rocco is the founder and
chairman of Porchlight Rental Services, the leading
provider of professional rental finding services.
As Chairman and majority owner of PCX Corporation,
the largest manufacturer of off-site electrical and
mechanical gear for the construction industry, he has
reduced operating costs and builds large scale start-
up construction projects for such companies as
WalMart, Target, Nordstrom, Microsoft, Bank of
America and Walgreens.
About Us
AHS seeks to become a premier company generating and selling green
renewable energy by establising high quality hydroelectric facilities on
existing dams, through new development in an environmentally
acceptable and aesthetically pleasing manner that yield a superior
return on investment. Our core experienced management team and our
Development Partners are focused on successfully completing the
projects we have selected.